HOW Our Embryos Were Frozen – WHY We Were Not Able To Fly Them Home

It never really crossed my mind to ask HOW our embryos were frozen. It was just part of the deal. Go through IVF, have your embryos genetically tested, your embryos are frozen and stored, then do a frozen embryo transfer when you’re ready.

It wasn’t until we moved home to NY that I NEEDED this information in order to ship our frozen embryos to our clinic here. I e-mailed the embryologist at our clinic in Kansas City. I felt silly not knowing this information, but she replied that they don’t usually go into great detail unless for medical purposes.

The embryologist said that we have, “3 blastocyst embryos frozen on Rapid-I devices using Vitrolife’s Rapid-Vit Freeze Media.”

I immediately Googled “Vitrolife“. I needed to know what this Rapid-I device was and what all of this meant. I was fascinated to read about this process. I am so grateful to those embryologists out there who know how to freeze embryos!

So, now that we knew HOW our embryos were frozen, we shared this information with the embryologist at our new clinic in NY.

A few days later, we received a phone call explaining that they would not be able to thaw our embryos here in NY, since they were not familiar with Kansas City’s method of freezing them. Sound complicated? Yep. She said that there are many different ways to freeze embryos, and a lot of times it goes by region. So, for example, much of New York State may go to the same medical conferences and choose one way, while the Midwest chose another way. It’s a great way to freeze embryos, it just so happens that they are not familiar with it here, and they will not risk our embryos.

SO….if we ever do decide, or if I ever even can have another baby, I would have to fly to Kansas City for the frozen embryo transfer itself.

Stay cozy in KC, frozen embies!


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