Our Frozen Embryos Must Stay in Kansas City

Remember my last post? You know, the one where we were so excited to fly our frozen embryos home to NY? Well, it didn’t pan out as we had hoped. We were ready to make the payment to Cryostork, and pick the date of their flight, when everything stopped.

I received a call from the embryologist at our clinic here in NY, where she explained exactly why storing our embryos would not be an option after all.

So… our maybe future someday babies will forever be cozy and chill at our clinic in Kansas City. We love our clinic there, and are completely happy that that’s where they will stay.

We decided to fly them home for convenience purposes. This means that now, if we ever do have a chance to do a frozen embryo transfer, I would have to fly out to the Kansas City clinic and coordinate with our NY clinic for all FET protocols.

We have learned that things very rarely go exactly as planned when it comes to infertility. Let’s add this one to the list.

More about the WHY they are staying in my next post!


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