Flying Our Frozen Embryos Home

Flying Our Frozen Embryos Home – After much consideration, we have decided to fly our 3 beautiful frozen embryos from Kansas City, home to Buffalo, NY! We have been going back and forth… IF we decide to do another transfer, would we be flying to Kansas City together for the transfer, or find a new clinic here? Then the pandemic hit, and that went right out the window. We sat on this subject for quite some time. A whole year, actually.

We had SO MANY QUESTIONS, like HOW do we even get our sweet embryos home? Is it SAFE? Is it something that a lot of people do? How much would this cost us?

Some may wonder why we chose NOT to fly Kansas City for the transfer and keep the embryos there. The answer is, because I’M A VERY COMPLICATED FERTILITY CASE. Yep. If we decide to try again, that means I will need surgery first. Remember reading about those super fun fibroids and endometriosis? YEP, THEY’RE BAAAAAACCCKKKKKK. We decided it would be better for the person doing the actual surgery to follow my case all the way through to the transfer time. I also will have a fun medication and injection filled protocol if we do another transfer. I will need to be monitored often, so I would need to find a Reproductive Endocrinologist in Buffalo anyways to coordinate with the Reproductive Endocrinologist in KC.

This sounds so complicated. My head hurts thinking about all of it. Spending more that a couple days in Kansas City is also not an option with an almost 3 year old! So, we had our answer.

LET’S FLY THOSE EMBIES HOME! I am feeling very excited for them to be here! My heart is giddy! We will be using a service called, Cryostork.

More about their journey soon!


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