Ovarian Stimulation Phase

Ovarian Stimulation Phase… What a strange feeling this was.

Everyone talks about the injections and being scared of the needles. I had NO PROBLEMS AT ALL with this. I did most of the shots myself while my husband stood by my side. I liked being in control and knowing exactly when I would feel the pinch. It was actually EASY!

No one really talks about HOW those injections will make you feel…besides crazy and emotional. (Yeah… like crying at commercials emotional!)

I had never felt so extremely bloated and full for so long! I could barely get off of the couch! When I did, I felt like I was 8 months pregnant, or what I could imagine feeling 8 months pregnant would feel like. I waddled around with my tummy bulging out, and trying to sit down was an adventure. None of my pants fit me, so I had to wear sundresses and sweatpants that I rolled down over my bloated belly.

I actually felt like eggs were going to explode out of me. Like little aliens popping out all over the place. It was an intense feeling! One night, we decided to get out of the house and I don’t know what I was thinking! We were so excited to watch a soccer match, but then we had to leave early because I was SO UNCOMFORTABLE! It was crazy.

I know that everyone’s experience is different. I know some women who didn’t really feel that bloated and were able to work normally. For me, I couldn’t even imagine trying to sit upright or stand at all for longer than 10 minutes at a time. I was so lucky that we started our IVF Journey in the summer when I had some time off!

I was so glad to have Downton Abbey to binge watch through this all! I had to keep my mind off of what was happening to my body.

You can read more about the beginning of our IVF Journey here.


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