What to Expect During IVF

What to Expect During IVF…. Overwhelming much?! You can read more about our first official office visit here. It was IVF time!

I so clearly remember hearing everything the nurse was saying, but then panicking…it went right in one ear and out of the other. I remember nodding my head and saying “yes, ok, uh huh” a lot. I remember feeling excited and nervous. I remember squeezing my amazing husband’s hand so hard through it all. I remember him squeezing my hand right back. I remember cringing when she was talking about the semen collection and feeling so weird about everything. I remember feeling grateful that this would hopefully give us a baby. I remember thinking that science is wild. I remember wanting this office visit to be over. I remember just wanting to get started.

All of these foreign words and explanations were being thrown at us. We were about to embark on this crazy journey together.

Do any of these words make you think about your IVF experience? If you are thinking about going through IVF, it is HARD, it is CHALLENGING, it is WORTH EVERY SECOND.

We now have a beautiful 2 year old daughter!

Looking back I can’t even believe all that we went through!


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