Searching All Night

Anyone else? I would search and search all night long trying to find other IVF stories. I wanted to know it all. Did it work? How did it feel? What is going to happen to me next? I needed more information. There wasn’t enough out there, so I started my IVF Journey Blog, titled, “IVF?WTF!”

I knew it was the right choice when I couldn’t really find any information about the Lupron shot and what it felt like to go through that. I knew I had to document how my body reacted to it daily. I hoped that I could help others going through the same wild IVF and FET ride. I knew I couldn’t be the only one! Turns out, I was right. It’s nice to have a community out there. A community of people who don’t judge you. A community of people who don’t say the wrong things…you all know what I mean. The classics, which I will post about soon.

Keep on keepin on,


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