Gestational Diabetes

Well, I failed the 3 hr. glucose test. FAILED. I HATE that word. It makes me feel so terrible, like I’ve done something horrible. Couldn’t they eliminate that word? I already felt like shit for having Gestational Diabetes. Way to make it worse.

I was so upset to get this news. What did this mean for my baby? What did this mean for me?

I was told I had to show up to a class to learn all about foods to avoid/consume and I had to take a class on how to test my blood sugar 4 times a day. 4 TIMES A DAY I HAVE TO PRICK MY FINGERS TO GET BLOOD. GREEEEAAAATTTTTTTT.

I will do whatever it takes to keep my baby healthy. It isn’t all about me. I had to get over the fact that I couldn’t just eat whatever I wanted whenever anymore.

I showed up and there were 8 other women there for the class. What surprised me is that they all looked either similar to my weight, or a lot smaller. I thought diabetes was only for very overweight people. I found out that Gestational Diabetes can be caused by the placenta, and it usually goes away after giving birth. So weird!

We learned all about which carbs are good, and which are bad. We were given handouts and diagrams on what to look for, and how to determine what to eat for each meal.


For breakfast, I had to stay between 30-45g of carbs.

Morning snack, I could only eat protein.

For lunch, I had to stay between 45-60g of carbs.

Afternoon snack, I could only eat protein.

For dinner I had to stay between 45-60g of carbs.

Evening snack, I had to stay between 15-30g of carbs.


My fasting AM read: The goal was to be between 60-84. This changed when I changed doctors and anything under 90 was OK with her. **I NEVER ONCE WAS BELOW 104!! It was EXTREMELY stressful and I had to go on Insulin, which NEVER EVEN HELPED MY FASTING NUMBERS!**

I had to check my blood sugar right when I woke up, 2 hours after eating breakfast, 2 hours after eating lunch, and 2 hours after dinner.

THIS SUCKKKKKEEEEDDDDD but I got used to it quick. I found what foods worked for me, and which ones made my sugar spike. It was weird that I HAD TO eat carbs. I had to read every single label and make sure I didn’t go over.

When my blood sugar spiked, I had to exercise. I would march around the house, literally. It was exhausting, especially at night. All I wanted to do was go to bed.

When my blood sugar plummeted, I had to eat like 8 Skittles and it would raise my blood sugar to a normal reading within 15 minutes. It was SO WEIRD.

Anyways, If you end up having Gestational Diabetes, it is not the end of the world, it just sucks sometimes. Find out what foods work for you and stick to them. For example, Moe’s steak tacos on a crispy shell were my go-to meal because I knew my blood sugar would always be perfect after eating them!

Seriously, WHAT ELSE can happen in this journey!? I just have to laugh sometimes about it, otherwise I’ll go crazy.

Good luck!


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