3 Hour Glucose Test

**I wrote this post in real-time in May, 2018.

Today is the day I have to go in and have my blood drawn 4 times in 3 hours to see if I have Gestational Diabetes. I failed the 1 hour test. I thought I was nervous for that one. Try waiting for 3 hours WITH NO FOOD for 13 hours!!!!!!

The plan was to go in on Saturday morning, so I wouldn’t have to call in for work. Well, I woke up Saturday feeling so sick, I HAD TO EAT! I was so upset, but I just had to eat. So, I decided to call off work on Monday and do it then.

So, here I am. We left the house at 6:10am to get to the lab by 6:30am. I didn’t get called back to start until 6:45am. She drew my blood right when I got in, which was different from the 1 hour. Then she shook the drink up and I had to drink that same orange drink within 5 minutes. It was so easy for me to drink. I was SO THIRSTY it was so satisfying. Right when I finished the last drop, the lab technician wrote down the 3 times I would need to come back in for my blood draws. 7:57am, 8:57am, and 9:57am. She gave me a card with her name on it and told me just to come right back to her at those times. I asked if I could drink water, and she said to just take very small sips so it won’t interfere with the tests. I typically drink water ALL DAY LONG. I am so parched just thinking about it.

How it went:

The first hour flew by. I sat in the kid section of the office, because it was playing The Lego Movie. I didn’t really want to watch it, but it was something to do. Thankfully, my amazing sister called, so I went outside and we talked the whole hour! I didn’t even realize how fast it went by and I didn’t think about food at all!

I just had the first draw since the drink. It went fast and I was out quickly. I set my alarm to go off at 8:50am so I could walk around a little. I ended up in the lobby of the hospital where it’s brighter and the chairs are more comfortable. I put my headphones in and I’m listening to my Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds Pandora station while writing this post. Time is flying by again. Yes, I’m super hungry, but it’s not like how I thought it would be. I guess I’ll let you know after the next blood draw how I feel!

OK, 3 of 4 blood draws down! I’m so glad I have an awesome phlebotomist! There’s nothing worse than trying to talk to someone and getting one words answers in return. I love talking to people and she has been great! One more blood draw to go!

I know this is so gross, but hubby is getting me an egg and cheese biscuit and hash browns from McDonalds when he picks me up. I’ve NEVER craved McDonalds, but it’s all I want right now! Damn I’m so fucking hungry and thirsty right now. I am dreaming of McDonalds right now.

It’s 9:21am and I am ready to eat my fucking hand!!!!! OMGGGGG GIVE ME FOOOOOODDDDD. I had to leave the lobby because there’s a coffee shop right there and the smells. Ohhhh the smellssssss. I NEED FOOOOODDDDDD!

Last blood draw done. I am shaking I’m so hungry! Hubby is here.

Well, it wasn’t AS BAD AS I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE, but the hunger is REAL!

Good luck if you have to go through this. I’ll let you know whether I pass or fail.


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