Silly Reasons Why I've Cried Since Becoming Pregnant

I want to write a light post after all of the sadness we’ve been through.

Here are some silly reasons why I’ve cried since becoming pregnant:

* I HATE the smell of our dishwasher pucks.

* I HATE the smell of our laundry detergent.

* I HATE the smell of all cleaning products.

* A brand of rolls I used to love smell TERRIBLE now.

* Josh Groban’s beautiful voice singing “O Holy Night”

* Missing my husband’s face.

* I love my dog so so much.

* My husband made me scrambled eggs after I requested them. I took one bite and made him remove them immediately. I felt terrible.

* I couldn’t find a hotel to book and was really frustrated.

* My coworker saying I have a lot going on and I should rest.

* Not wanting a single thing to eat at lunch even with tons of choices.

I cry a lot. Haha. I’m sure I’m forgetting some, but it’s funny to look back. My husband is a true champ!!!



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