Our 6 Week Scan – TWINS

**I am currently pregnant with ONE baby.

After the 5 week scare, we felt relieved that our babies were still in there. I can’t bring myself to calm down about it, though. I know that a miscarriage can happen at any time. I don’t think I’ll ever feel at ease with this pregnancy.

The bleeding continued throughout the whole week after our 5 week scan. It was enough that I needed a pad, but it wasn’t heavy. It wasn’t just spotting, either.

I was so nervous. It was time to see our babies. The sonographer was excellent. Right away we could clearly see TWO BEATING HEARTBEATS! WOW! WOW! WOW!

I’ve never seen anything like it! I’ve never felt this way before. So extremely happy and giddy! OUR BABIES ARE OK! They are SO SO CUTE. Like SUPER CUTE.

Baby “A” heartbeat was 108. Baby “B” heartbeat was 128.

I was concerned about the heartbeat difference, but she said that was normal. She printed off our sonograms and off we went home so excited to be having twins! After all that we have been through, we couldn’t believe it! We get TWO RAINBOW BABIES!!

The bleeding stopped the day after our sonogram. We were in the clear for now.

I called and scheduled our first OB appointment for 8 weeks. My RE sent all of my records over and we are moving right along!


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