Transfer Day – 3rd Time's A Charm? Hoping For Our Rainbow Baby.

3rd time’s a charm, right? We are hoping for our RAINBOW baby! For those of you who are not familiar with the term, a rainbow baby is a baby that is born after a miscarriage. The rainbow signifies hope around the world for those who have suffered a loss.

We went in excited, nervous, and terrified on Thursday afternoon. I tried to stay as calm as possible before going in.

Our nurse came out and I was SO GLAD it wasn’t the same weird woman that we had the last time. We were so happy. She was SO SWEET and SO FUNNY!

There were a few differences this time:

1.) We were led into a different room than the last two times.

2.) My husband had to wear a huge white paper gown and blue hair net. This was so much fun and had us laughing so hard! He was loving it!

3.) I had to wear a gown and hairnet this time. I hate the way I look in it.

4.) The Valium kicked in super fast and I was calm and giggly.

5.) They had to walk me over to the procedure room. The last two times I was already in a procedure room. I was led into the same room as my egg retrieval over a year ago.

6.) The stirrups were so comfortable. Instead of having to put my feet on hard curved surfaces that always hurt my feet, my legs (from my calves down) were placed in super cushiony ones.

7.) I love the woman who did the ultrasound during the procedure. I’ve been with her for MOST of my internal sonograms over the past few months and she is super sweet and always put me at ease.

8.) This time they transferred TWO frozen embryos. OH MY GODDDD!

9.) My RE came in with the photo of the embryos and my initial reaction was fear. They looked so different than the other embryos from our last FETs. Also, one of them looked so different than the other. She told me it’s because that one had already hatched and the other one was starting to hatch. GOOD NEWS! I was so relieved. I thought there was something seriously wrong with one of them.

10.) I watched as my RE transferred them BOTH on the sonogram machine. WOW!

11.) They had to walk me back to my room and I was seriously goofed up from the Valium at this point. My husband had to help me in the bathroom! I peed for what seemed like forever. He told me it sounded like I peed a gallon out haha!

12.) NO ONE knows that we are trying again, except for my hairdresser, my friend in NYC who is going through the same thing, and my lovely blog and Twitter peeps!

That was it! We left and I have been resting since. I know I am able to go back to regular activities, but I want to rest as much as possible this weekend.



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