The Endometrial Scratch (AKA Endometrial Biopsy)

I was so nervous when I arrived at my clinic. I had to leave my place at 6am to get there by 7am. I ate a PopTart and took 3 Advil to prepare for the scratch. From all that I’ve read, I heard that it would hurt. My RE warned me that it will be painful, but quick. Boy, was she right!

First, the ultrasound tech did an internal sonogram to check my lining to make sure it was thin after my period. Everything looked good, so the nurse came in to perform the endometrial scratch. She told me that it would be quick but painful. I was ready.

She started talking about the success rates of embryos implanting after this procedure. I was asked if they could donate my sample to the hospital for research on women with endometriosis. The only way to diagnose endometriosis officially is by having a Laparoscopic surgery. I had to have a Laparoscopic Myomectomy to remove fibroids, and this is when they discovered the endometriosis. Hey, hopefully they will find a way to diagnose this shit in an easier/quicker way. I suffered for years and years with no answers.

It was time. Just breathe. Think about something else. I told them they should have music in the rooms to help calm us going through these crazy things. That’s when the intense pain started. I screamed and screamed. It was the weirdest feeling. It literally felt like someone was digging in my uterus with a nail. I thought it was over, but she went back in again and the pain was back. Holy fuckkkkkkkkk. And it was over just like that.

It really did only last for like 20 seconds, but in the moment it felt like a lot longer. She pulled the instruments out and I felt nothing. No more pain, just a slight like dull ache. I put a pad on since she told me I would bleed a bit. I was able to walk and drive fine, and I went right to work. I was fine all day. I have a very slight dull feeling in my uterus, but I don’t even notice it if I’m not thinking about it.

*I had some minor cramping for the next 2 days, but no big deal.

My final thoughts:

-I’ve been through MUCH WORSE throughout my IVF journey.

-It was super quick.

-It was super painful.

-No amount of Advil would have helped during the procedure, but I was glad I took it. I’m sure it helped after.

-I thought I would have trouble getting through the day and it was nothing.

-I’d do it again if this is what works.

-I am SO READY for a baby.



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