I HATE Estrogen Patches

This post will be short, but I have something to say,

I HATE Estrogen Patches, I wear 3 a day.

I’m allergic you see, to the stupid glue,

Yes, I’m serious, this is all true.

They make me itch, and burn my skin,

I feel like I can never win.

I knew that I was allergic to Band-Aids, but I didn’t think I would have the same issues on the patches. Sometimes I feel them burning my skin the minute I put them on. Then, they leave this horrible black goopey glue line after they are taken off. I have to rub it off in the shower. It itches so much, too. I am running out of spots to wear them without having to go over one of the spots I’ve already attached them. I need to let my skin heal.

Anyone else have this problem? I remember feeling this on my last FET protocol, but it wasn’t this intense.

** I finally found out from an amazing nurse that BABY OIL helps to loosen up the goop that gets left behind when you take the patches off. I squirt some onto a towel and hold the towel on the glue for a while. This makes it MUCH EASIER to peel and wipe off.

**I also found out that if I buzz my stomach with my wand electric razor, it really helps when pulling the patches off! I didn’t realize how hairy my tummy was until I tried this! DO IT! It has made a HUGE difference!


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