Jury Duty?? While on FET Hormones??

I can’t believe I forgot to write a post about my Jury Duty summons! I think I mentioned it, but didn’t go into detail. This all went down when trying for a FET in the summer. Back when every time I filled my body with hormones, I’d get my raging period.

Back when we had to cancel 3 FET transfers.

I was panicked. It couldn’t be. I could not even imagine having to sit in a court room when all I could think about was whether we would ever have a baby. When all I wanted to do was cry all day. I did not realize that I could defer my duty with a doctor’s note, so I waited and waited for the day to come. My number was in the 400s, so I thought there was no way I would be called in. Well, they called EVERYONE who was summoned.

I got to the court house super early and got in line outside. By this time I was thinking of all of the possible court cases/lengths of time I’d have to be there. What if I were stuck with a month long case?!

We were let in and a TON of people started piling in. Hundreds of us. When I signed in, I asked the woman if I could speak with the judge. I was not feeling well, and I told her I had a medical reason for not being able to be on a jury. She told me no, and that I had to wait until the judge came out to talk to us all.

Another hour and a half went by. We were packed in like sardines. The judge finally came out and he was hilarious. I actually felt like if I weren’t going through this, I wouldn’t mind being a juror. He then told us all that if we were chosen, we would likely be there for a month or longer for the case. My heart sank. I wouldn’t be able to make my appointments and do a transfer if I were chosen. I had to talk to him, but how?

Then it happened, he made an announcement:

“This will likely be a month or longer case. If you have any planned vacations, medical issues, or any other reason why you will not be able to be here for the duration, please get into line and I will talk to you!”

I swear, about half of the courtroom stood up. I ducked and zoomed in and out around people so fast, I got pretty close up to the front. Then, it was my turn. I was called into the judge’s room. He asked, “What’s going on with you?” I replied, “Well sir, I am going through IVF and will have a transfer this month” He came back, “What’s IVF?” OMG how the fuck does he not know what IVF is???? I panicked and thought he would tell me I had to stay. I told him, “Sir, it’s in-vitro fertilization. My husband and I will have a frozen embryo transfer in a couple of weeks, so I am being pumped full of hormones right now.” The judge looked at me and laughed and said “Hormones? BYE! Good luck!”

Phewf! I was released from duty! I was so filled with anxiety all morning I could finally breathe. Anyways, if you find yourself in a similar situation, speak with the judge!



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