Our WTF Appointment

I’ve heard this online, but never really looked it up. The WTF appointment is just what is sounds like: What the fuck happened? Why didn’t the transfer work? What did I do wrong? What’s next? We now found ourselves having to schedule it. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait very long, just a few weeks.

Hubby and I had quite a few discussions on where to go from here. Do we take a break? Do we try again right away? How will we afford another transfer? What else could they do differently to make this successful? Should we accept being childless?

We went in feeling lost, heartbroken, and exhausted. My RE came in and was so sweet. She was shocked that the transfer didn’t work. We tried Lupron, and thought that would do the trick. All she could tell us was that sometimes, it just doesn’t take.

She had a new plan that sounds hopeful. She was not pushy, just told us that if and when we would like to try again, she had come up with a plan that she thought would work for us. I loved that.

Here’s the plan: We would not do another round of Lupron, she didn’t want to put my body through that again. She told me about something called an “endometrial biopsy.” I asked if this was the same as an “endometrial scratch”, which I’ve heard my other Twitter followers having done. She said yes, but she doesn’t like to call it that. So, below you will find an excerpt on what this is.

Here is an excerpt from Your IVF Journey:

“How does it work? Well, endometrial scratching seems to provoke a reaction within the inner lining of the womb. Hormones and chemicals are released to help the lining repair itself. A genetic trigger response to an endometrial scratch may give the implantation ‘green light’. In essence, the temporary injury seems to make the endometrium more receptive to an embryo. That means a better chance of a pregnancy and a live birth.”


“Early studies into endometrial scratching have brought intriguing results, gaining the attention of infertility experts. A 2012 study found that having an endometrial scratch was 70% more likely to result in pregnancy in women with unexplained recurrent implantation failure. And researchers in 2015 concluded that endometrial scratching was more likely to improve the birth rate for women with two or more previous IVF failures.”

This sounded good to us. We liked the percentage of this working. I asked if it would hurt. My RE straight up said Yes. Yes it will hurt, but only for 10-15 seconds. I felt like I could handle it. I’ve been through so much. What’s 10-15 seconds of pain for a baby?

She also suggested transferring two embryos this time, instead of one, to increase our chances. Kind of like a back up plan if one doesn’t take. Hubby and I had talked about this before and we were OK with transferring two.

Right away, we felt more at ease and decided to try again. I wanted some time off from all of the patches, pills and shots. We would try for our next FET in the next few months. We felt ready again after the appointment. We just need to decide when that will be.


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