The BFN (Big Fat Negative)

This hurts. Our 2nd FET try was a BIG FAT NEGATIVE.

I was in shock, because I was certain that I was pregnant. I had all the symptoms: I was STARVING, I craved burritos and fries, my boobs were sore, I was feeling things in my uterus. Unfortunately, these are all also signs of that bitch, Aunt Flow.

I got the call when eating lunch at school. I ran outside and I was so excited to answer it. The last time it was positive news. This time, I could tell by the nurse’s voice that it was bad news.

I had to quickly get off the phone so I didn’t burst out crying in front of everyone. I texted my hubby right away. I knew if I called I would start sobbing.

What the fuck, life!?! Seriously!?! This is just cruel. Where do we go from here? I feel so broken.


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