Our 2nd FET Attempt

After being on Lupron for the past month, my RE started me on my new FET protocol right away. I would not have to wait for my period to come and to take birth control this time. This time we went right into putting the 3 Estrogen patches on (switching out every other day) PLUS the 3 vaginal Estradiol tabs every day.

I am jacked up on Estrogen. Going from no hormones to TONS OF HORMONES was…..interesting. I felt heightened like I’m on edge all of the time. I get really riled up for no reason. I’m also super hungry and bloated. Nothing new for me! I think I need to get those pregnancy belly bands or something. My pants fit fine before work, and a couple hours later they start getting tighter and tighter. It’s so uncomfortable.

I’ve been waking up at 4am to take my first dose of the vaginal Estradiol pill, because I found I need to lay for a long time in order for it to all not leak out on me. It’s been super mucousy down there. It seems 2 out of 3 times a day, it’s so mucousy that the pill just follows my finger right out. It’s not attached to it, but the mucous pushes it out and I have to keep shoving it up there. Then I get little bits of the green pill on my finger so I have to try to get those bits off inside of me. It’s a constant struggle. I even had my husband try to shove it up there, but it does the same thing to him. UGH! So, I found even if it gets to the end and I can feel it with my finger a little, as long as I lay down for a while, it will absorb. I keep a soapy washcloth next to the bed so I don’t have to get up to wash my hands right away, too.

It was time to have my uterine lining checked by my RE. I chose the 7am appointment (the earliest possible), because my clinic is about an hour away from our home. I start work at 7:45am and it’s about 30 minutes from my job. It’s been really tough timing this all out. If I don’t go at 7am, I’d have to leave early by 2:30pm. I am supposed to be at work until 3:30. So, either way, I’m missing some work. I have to do it. I refuse to wait any longer.

I’ve been super stressed about this. First of all, we tried to have our FET in the summer, but I kept on getting my period when on my protocol. Every little twinge I feel I think it’s over. I think it didn’t work. I couldn’t get excited about my transfer day. All I could do was hope that the Lupron did what it needed to do for a successful pregnancy.

So I went in and had what seemed to be my 100th internal sonogram done. I met with the nurse after and told me that my lining was right at a 7, which is the minimum it needs to be at for a transfer. I have to start my progesterone in oil shots in 2 days. She then drew a diagram of a butt and each butt cheek split into 4 quadrants. We are to give the progesterone injection on the top right or the top left quadrant for best results. I had to wait for a call from my RE to confirm that I was all set for our FET on Friday. I had a message on my voicemail by 10am that we were ready to go! I was so relieved. We FINALLY got past this first hurdle. It finally worked. I’m exhausted.

My husband will be out of town for work for the week before our transfer, which means that I’ll have to figure out a way to give myself the progesterone shots. I don’t mind giving myself shots, in fact I prefer it. It is the reaching around my body that has me worried. We shall see how I manage. (I will write a Progesterone in Oil post, next!)

The day had come! It was actually here! FET time! We are so so excited, but also very very cautious.

We had a different kind of experience this time around. We checked in at our clinic and the nurse that came to bring us back seemed very flustered and hot! She made me feel kind of uneasy and I was worried that she was having a bad day. This was NOT the time for bad juju.

She told me to get undressed from the waist down and that I did not need to put a gown on. This was new, last time I had to wear one. Then, the nurse said she had to see if I could take my Valium pill or if I had to wait to make sure that they were on schedule. She didn’t come back for at least 10 minutes. I was afraid that she forgot about us and that it would throw everything off. When I say she seemed flustered, I mean it.

I sat on the bed with a sheet covering me up. My AMAZING husband had me laughing so hard. He’s the best and knows when I need to get my mind off of something. The nurse popped in and said to take my pill. She had a water cup in her hand, and I asked if I could have some water to take the pill. She was halfway out the door and she said “oh yeah, here take this.” It was super weird.

She then proceeded to go through the procedure and what foods/drinks to avoid. From that point on, I was considered to be pregnant. She went on these weird detailed rants about tuna in a can, even after I said that I don’t eat it. She was really starting to annoy me. I know what to avoid. Let’s move along.

I was SO GLAD when my RE came into the room. She is so bright and cheery and POSITIVE. I needed that. She said how excited she was and she came to show us our beautiful and perfect embryo. We were so so happy and so so ready!

I held on tight to the picture and the team that would be helping my RE started coming in and preparing the room. Hubby and I held hands tight and gave squeezes here and there. The ultrasound machine was right next to us so we could see what was going on. We heard my RE shout, “LOAD” and then it was time! We watched in amazement as she inserted our baby! IT WAS AMAZING! I felt SO GOOD. They were able to rewind the procedure so that we could watch it again. It was AWESOME! She printed out an ultrasound photo of our little embryo getting all cozy! My RE said everything went perfect!

I was told that I could use the restroom right away and that we were done! The last time, I had to lay there for 1/2 hour before using the restroom. They said that they found that it made no difference at all and that it was just torture to keep us from going since you need a full bladder for the transfer. Baby was stuck in there and was not going anywhere. At this point, I felt super goofy from the Valium.

Another nurse came in right before we left and she showed us on the photo of our embryo which part was going to be the placenta, and she showed us which part was the baby! WOW! Science is AMAZING! After all that we have been through, I think this is one thing that is awesome.

My husband and I walked out and were on our way home! I got cozy in bed and watched TV and a funny movie. I was told that I could resume normal activity the day after, which was also new. The last time, I was ordered to bed rest for 3 days. I took the bed rest for 3 days, anyways. 🙂

My husband later asked me how I was doing. He asked what I was thinking about during the transfer and that he was watching me to make sure I was alright. I told him that I’m good and I was thinking about our beautiful baby and how excited I am. This is a new pregnancy. We had a new protocol and hopefully that Lupron did the trick to help baby stick. Now for our 2 week wait!

All went well, but I’m so terrified. What if it happens again? I’m still so traumatized from the miscarriage, but it’s time to move on. We have to keep hoping that it will stick this time.


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