Lupron Side Effects: Week 2

* To find out why I had to have the Lupron shot and how I felt on the first day of the shot, click here.

* To see how I felt on my first week on Lupron, click here.

Here we go, I’m on week 2 of the Lupron shot. I’ll be as detailed as possible with how I feel. Wish me luck!

Here is how I feel on Day 8:

1.) I woke up feeling great!

2.) Hot flashes throughout the day, but it is 97 degrees out…could just be the heat.

3.) My uterus feels so free. I don’t know how to really explain it. I never knew my uterus could feel so good. I’m loving it!

4.) I’m constipated.

5.) I’m bloated.

Here is how I feel on Day 9:

1.) I woke up feeling awesome!

2.) Dry mouth.

3.) Small headaches throughout the day.

4.) I’m bloated

5.) I’ve been sleeping so much better than I ever have before since taking Lupron. I used to wake up every 2-3 hours and be awake for a few hours, then sleep for an hour, up for two more. So, I’m really enjoying this uninterrupted sleep!

Here is how I feel on Day 10:

1.) Man, I sleep SO hard and so well since starting Lupron!

2.) I woke up in the middle of the night SWEATING MY ASS OFF! I had to stand in front of the A/C unit for a bit and then I got back in bed and was fine.

3.) I’m bloated

4.) Small headaches on and off but nothing bad.

Here is how I feel on Day 11:

1.) Slept awesome!

2.) My anxiety has started to rise a bit.

3.) I think I’ve been experiencing some brain fog. I think…

4.) I’m HOT HOT HOTTTTTT. The heat index was 108 degrees, so I’d be hot anyways!

5.) I have dry mouth. I need water by my side AT ALL TIMES.

6.) I have some irritation/slight stinging in my lady bits.

Here is how I feel on Day 12:

1.) I feel great!

2.) I’M HOT and sweaty. I have to stand in front of the A/C units a lot. My husband is freezing at night and I sleep naked with no covers and I’m still 1000 degrees! I’ve started freezing my water bottle to hold on the back of my neck and forehead when I start to feel super hot.

3.) I’m thirsty all day. I can’t quite quench my dry mouth. It’s fine though, I need stay hydrated in this heat!

Here is how I feel on Day 13:

1.) It has been a great day!

2.) I think I feel some very small cramps but no big deal.

3.) I have dry mouth, of course. The water bottle in the freezer is the BEST!

4.) I feel a little zingy down in my V.

5.) I’m fucking HOT, of course. The heat indexes were 105-125 degrees in some places. I feel like it’s 327 degrees where I am.

Here is how I feel on Day 14:

1.) I feel great!

2.) I have dry mouth

3.) I felt some small cramps in the evening, but no big deal.

4.) I had some anxiety today, but it wasn’t too bad.

I survived my 2nd week on Lupron! I feel so free not worrying constantly about my period. I really hope this is working and doing it’s thing!

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