Lupron Side Effects: Week 1

To find out why I had to have the Lupron shot and how I felt on the day I had the shot, click here.

Here is how I feel on Day 2:

1.) I woke up with slight flu-like symptoms. When I say slight, I mean it really isn’t bad at all. I don’t know how else to describe it. My stomach feels like the small tiny flu piercing pains, but that sounds bad. Just feeling a little off. I felt pretty nauseous in the evening.

2.) I had no headache this morning, but it has creeped back slowly. It turned into a raging headache in the back of my head and neck at night. Again, no coffee, so it could be a caffeine headache. I drink coffee regularly, 2-3 cups a day. I also drink a lot of Pepsi, gross. Anyways, I’ve cut them out of my diet cold turkey. I’ve tried this before and my headaches were intense. This is why I think it’s a combination of both the Lupron and caffeine withdrawal.

3.) My period is VERY light!!!

4.) I was constipated in the morning and had diarrhea at night.

Here is how I feel on Day 3:

1.) I woke up feeling great!

2.) Slight dry mouth.

3.) Headache came back at night and felt a little off, but not bad.

Here is how I feel on Day 4:

1.) My period is barely there!

2.) I woke up feeling fine, a little achey.

3.) Slight back of the head headache throughout the day.

4.) Slight dry mouth

5.) Went to meet my husband for lunch and felt a little nauseous. I had to run to the bathroom twice with major diarrhea. We had to leave early!

6.) Had a stomach ache the rest of the day.

Here is how I feel on Day 5:

1.) MY PERIOD IS COMPLETELY GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It feels soooooo so so good to be free of wearing a pad! I slept naked last night, and it was GLORIOUS! No more running to the bathroom!

2.) Woke up with a stomach ache. I felt better after eating a small breakfast.

3.) Stomach ache in the evening.

Here is how I feel on Day 6:

1.) I noticed that I don’t have any armpit B.O.! I even had hubby get in and take a sniff! He couldn’t smell anything! This is amazing!

2.) I woke up achey

3.) My lower back hurts. I have Degenerative Disc Disease in the lower disc of my back, and it has been acting up lately.

4.) Pretty good day!

Here is how I feel on Day 7:


2.) My lower back still hurts.

3.) I have dry mouth and have been drinking water like a fish!

4.) I had a great day!

5.) Did I mention how amazing it feels to NOT HAVE MY PERIOD!?! It’s tremendous!

I shall share how I feel in my 2nd week on Lupron soon.



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