Our Fist Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)

Finally, it was time for our FET! First, they put me on the birth control pill. I had to follow a strict calendar and stop them on a specific day. I had to go in for a saline sonogram to make sure that everything looked good for a transfer. For whatever reason, it hurt SO BAD! It was so so uncomfortable, and I actually screamed out at one point. I have a tipped uterus, so I think that had something to do with it? I also felt like I was peeing all over the table! After being violated, I was given the go ahead to start my FET protocol.

My RE had called in my meds to a pharmacy that specializes in fertility meds. The woman from the pharmacy called me and gave me the amazing news that my insurance was going to cover the meds that I needed for my FET! I couldn’t believe it! I was so grateful that for once, we wouldn’t have to pay for something! They were shipping them to me overnight. She explained that I would need to take 3 Estradiol pills vaginally a day. When I received them in the mail, they were so so tiny! How was I supposed to shove these up my V!? I quickly went to Google and searched and searched for others experiences with this. I was so glad that I learned to WEAR A PANTY LINER OR A PAD when taking these! YOU WILL LEAK GREEN/BLUE ALL DAY! DO NOT FORGET YOUR PAD! After a couple days I got used to shoving this tiny pill up there and it was fine. Also, GET YOUR NAILS TRIMMED! Trust me, it helps.

After 12 days, I had to go in to my clinic so that they could check the thickness of my uterine lining. It was nice and thick and I was given the go ahead to start the progesterone pills. The timing is very calculated. I had to start taking it exactly 6 days before the transfer. The progesterone pill was HUGE! I was like how the hell is this big ass pill supposed to stay up there? It even came with an application stick. I figured that I would first put the small green pill up first, then the bigger progesterone to further push the small one up. I got SUPER BLOATED during this time. I should have ordered those pregnancy belly bands so that I could still wear my pants. I wore a lot of skirts and dresses to work. After a while, it just became routine. Wake up, shove the pill up. Go to the bathroom at work during lunch, shove the pill up. (This was the hardest and when I would have the most trouble keeping it up in there. I often leaked more when standing up. Thinking back I should have just waited until I got home for my 2nd dose. I suggest laying down if you can.) Bed time, shove it up. Then I would lay for a while and go and wash my hands. I felt like if I got up right after, I would leak more of it out.

Then came transfer day! I was instructed to have a full bladder and to take my Valium pill once I arrived. I felt super calm and ready! We got into the room where the transfer would happen. My nurse was AMAZING. She was so sweet and happy and calming. I got dressed in my gown and hairnet on, and then got comfortable on the bed. The room was dim and they had spa music playing for relaxation. My RE came out and showed me a photo of the embryo they would be transferring. I felt so happy and connected to it. She said it was so perfect that she wanted to put it on the cover of a health magazine. She gave us the photo to hold on to and we took photos with our perfect embryo.

Next, they put an ultrasound screen to the side of me so that we could watch the magic happen. My RE came back in with the tools and machines they would need for the procedure. She cleaned me and started. My husband and I held our hands so hard and squeezed here and there. We were so excited and amazed to be able to watch so closely. We watched as our embryo was placed and wished and hoped that it would attach. My RE is amazing. And just like that, it was over. OMG I could be pregnant! It could work! She told me now we had to wait 2 WEEKS to find out if it stuck. I then had to stay laying down for 20 minutes after the procedure. I had to pee SO BAD. The nurse put a bed pan under me, but I just couldn’t bring myself to go. I waited until they said I was good to go to the bathroom.

I got dressed and the nurse gave me instructions to stay on bed rest for 3 days. My husband went to get the car and I got to take a cool wheelchair ride down the elevator and out the door. I felt so calm. So zen. The car ride home was spent daydreaming and hoping that it worked. We got home and made our bedroom the “zen zone”. He put up our twinkle lights, set up our TV in there and had everything by my side that I would need. I napped for a bit and woke up starving. I never ever order from Pizza Hut, but for some reason it was what I randomly wanted. So we cozied up in the bedroom and ate our pizza on the bed and watched some TV. We framed our embryo photos and stared in awe all night.

Could this be it? Am I really going to be a mom after all of this time? I was all that I could think about for the next 2 weeks.

More on this another time.


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