Egg Collection Time!

I was SO READY to get these eggs out of me! I felt so full and uncomfortable, and it was getting hard to eat and even hard to breath normally. We got to the doctor’s office, signed in and had a seat. I could barely stand sitting, and it seemed like the longest wait ever.

We were finally called back to the room where we were greeted by the nurse who would be taking care of me. I got undressed and put my cool hairnet and gown on. My husband was awesome and had me laughing until it was time to get the IV in. They were having trouble finding a good vein. It took them 4 tries! (This is normal for me…every single time I go in for blood work, it takes 2-5 times to get it done. I have no idea why.) Anyways, it was time to go back.

I HATE having to go under anesthesia. I HATE the tingly feeling I get before I’m knocked out, and I especially HATE the oxygen goofball mask they put on that smells awful. I always have trouble with throwing up after being under anesthesia, so I was not looking forward to that. However, this is for my future babies, and it is all worth it in the end!

My husband’s turn:

When they took me back for the egg collection, it was my husband’s turn to do his thing. We wanted to try to make this experience as intimate as possible. We felt super weird about him going in to look at magazines to get the job done on his end. So, we decided to do a sexy photo shoot of me before that day, instead. I felt so much better, because there is such a disconnect with this process. We wanted to at least have that.

My turn:

I was rolled back into the room where my Reproductive Endocrinologist was waiting for me. I don’t know why, but I felt so comforted when I saw her. Maybe it’s because she knows my whole story. She knows the good, the bad and the ugly.

In the corner, I saw two women with an incubator looking thing next to them. I told them “take good care of my eggs!” and they laughed and said “of course we will!” The anesthesiologist was behind me and placed a nausea sticker thingy behind my ear because of my past pukey experiences. It’s always funny looking at them upside down. This guy had me laughing so much, it was great! I was told to scootch all the way down the table and to spread em! As my RE was inserting things in my V and doing her thing to get me ready, the anesthesiologist was distracting me with humor, and then I was out.

I woke up in the recovery room with the amazing news that they retrieved 28 eggs! Holy crap, no wonder why I felt so uncomfortable and full. I know it doesn’t always work out this way for everyone, and I know that some of you have to go through this many times. I was so grateful.

I will be sharing my egg collection recovery in my next post. Warning: it is NOT pretty.


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