IVF Time!

Well, here we go! I’m about to dive into our IVF journey.

My Reproductive Endocrinologist is awesome. Before we started IVF, she thoroughly explained everything about what was going to happen with us. She even showed us an in-depth Powerpoint presentation. I need visuals and I felt better about the whole process.

The office visit:

We sat in a doctor’s office room with tons of IVF literature and boxes filled with dummy shots for demonstrations. I was handed a folder and my RE and her nurse went over my IVF Protocol with me. (I will not go into specifics, as your protocols are made specially for you).

The folder was filled with the medication names, exact dates, and times of day that I should give myself (or for my husband to give me) these shots in the stomach, making sure to switch sides each time. I immediately felt overwhelmed after talking about needles and shots. I was so glad my husband was sitting with me. When I get nervous, I tend to forget important information.

Then came the part that put me at ease: Demonstration time. The nurse grabbed a dummy shot and explained with great detail of how exactly to administer the medication. I remember saying, “Oh, that’s it? OK.”

Then came the hormones side effects talk. This freaked me out more than any of the needles. Mood swings, and all that fun stuff. I am a pretty anxious person, so this was not good in my book. My husband said to just wait and see, everyone is different.

We left scared and excited, and ready to start.

The shots:

The shots were NO BIG DEAL AT ALL!!! It was so easy, I just did them myself. My husband was the alcohol swab guy and was in charge of making sure the sharp container to dispose of my syringes and needles was close by. He was there for every shot in awe that I could do it myself. Honestly, I liked being in control of knowing when I was going to stick it in. I had nothing to worry about at all!

The appointments:

I had to go in often so that they could measure how my follicles were growing and for bloodwork. It is always so weird to watch an ultrasound happen. I dream of the day that I actually get to see a baby on an ultrasound instead of fibroids and follicles. Science is amazing.

Side note: It also sucks when the last appointments available at my clinic are at 3pm. I wish there was a place that stayed open until like 7pm. I have to leave work early a lot.

Side Effects:

1.) I was pretty EMOTIONAL the whole time, like crying at stupid commercials emotional. Every time my husband came home from work, I cried.

2.) I got SUPER BLOATED. I looked pregnant and couldn’t fit into ANY of my pants! I actually had to wear loose dresses or workout stretchy pants anywhere I went.

3.) I felt SUPER FULL. After a few days, I started walking like I was 8 months pregnant. Sitting got extremely uncomfortable and I had to lay down MOST of the day. I was so glad I had off during this time. I have no idea how I would have managed at work. I made the most out of it and started my Downton Abbey marathon! I actually thought I would hate it, but I loved it! I can’t believe it’s over!

During this time, we:

1.) We went to a soccer match and I remember thinking my eggs were going to explode out of me! I was so uncomfortable sitting and we had to leave early!

***I WROTE THIS BEFORE FINDING OUT WHAT A COMPLETE PIECE OF SHIT LOUIS CK REALLY IS.                          2.) We went to see Louis CK Live! He is my favorite comedian, because he tells it how it is. I had to wear a dress because I felt very full and strange. His set was crazy and made you think “Holy shit, is he really talking about this in a funny way?!” I thought it was great. At one point, he got into an IVF Rant! I couldn’t believe it. My husband looked over at me with concern, because Louis was putting it all out there. He was basically saying that anyone who chooses to do IVF is insane and that we should just adopt. I wasn’t upset at all. It is his opinion and I was actually laughing through the whole part. After the show, hubster checked in with me again to make sure I was OK. I really did think it was great to laugh so hard. We were planning on going out for food after, but I couldn’t sit anymore. It was like I was carrying a 10lb. invisible baby inside of me.

Other than that, during shot week I layed low and watched a ton of movies and TV. Power to any of you who had to work for your shot week! You are all amazing!

I shall talk about my egg collection in another post. (“Egg collection” sounds so weird… X-Files weird!)



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