The Big Decision to Start IVF

IVF is something that we had talked about for many years. I felt kind of strange about the whole thing. Pregnancy is supposed to be natural, it should just happen. But when things weren’t “just happening”, I started to change my mind. I always thought I would get pregnant on a whim. Knowing that I had PCOS, I knew it would be hard to get pregnant. For a long time, I wished and hoped that it would happen.

There is also obviously the whole money thing. We moved from a state where insurance covers some IVF costs, to one that covers ZERO PERCENT! What The Fuck. Of Fucking Course!

After finding my amazing RE, a year after my Hysteroscopic Myomectomy, and discovering that we both had fertility complications, my husband and I started to seriously start trying IVF.

We knew we would need help from friends and family if we wanted to try. We decided to set up a GoFundMe page. Wow, we have some seriously generous and loving people in our lives. We were able to raise enough to begin with financing our dream to have a baby.

IVF is EXPENSIVE. We are at the $50,000 mark here. My cousin who also went through IVF once said, “It’s like buying a car, finance it.” I mean, she was right. In the end we were kind of annoyed that we waited so long to start. But, it’s ok. Everything happens when it happens for a reason.

So, we met with our RE and got on a plan and we started in the summer of 2016.

More on this adventure later.



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